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Who cares if you bought your shoes at the mall ?

     At Funky Shoes we search high and low for shoes with character, meaning, and good karma to lift your life out of the ordinary. If your shoes have walked the Grand Canyon, ran the Boston Marathon or danced at the President's Inaugural Ball people will care. Order today because Funky Shoes are not made every day.



We have recently aquired the services of nationally acclaimed psychic, Madame Fontlouvre, to do readings of our special shoes. Look for shoes marked with the PSYCHIC tag. These shoes will include an official document stating where these shoes have been and how they felt about their life.


We have just received a wonderful shipment of the funkiest shoes from the streets of Haight Ashbury. Collected by genuine street people, our craftsman are presently carefully refurbishing these authentic shoes without diminishing their Funky appeal.


"They say you should walk a mile in someone else's shoes. With Funky Shoes I can do that"
            Doris Flemming
            Boston, Mass.

"I like my shoes already broke in. I hated when the other ranch hands called me greenhorn with prissy new shoes.From now on I'm a Funky Shoes man."
            Skip Hunter
            Blue Falls, WY
"I love my Funky Shoes. I can't explain it but they've really changed my life for the better."
            Marla Starry
            San Francisco, CA
"I don't have much of a life. Mostly I watch TV. But when I wear my John Glenn shoes from Funky Shoes I really feel like somebody"
            Merv Wilson
            Cleveland, OH