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Serious Shoes to Make a Statement

You've heard the talk. They say recycle, reclaim, reuse to preserve the planet for the future. But who is doing it? Funky Shoes gives you the opportunity to live your beliefs. With Funky Shoes you can make a statement that says, "It is the cummulative effect of the small everyday choices we make that change the world". Funky Shoes offers you recycled shoes from individuals who live their politics, doing their part to make the world a better place. Order your pair today and make a statement.

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Online Sampler

Item: Serious346-M
Size: 10 1/2

Color: Dusty Brown
Condition: Funky

Price: $60.00

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These boots were worn by Mitch Nearly when he hiked the length of the Appalachian Trail in 1998. Mitch is one of the great walkers of our time having almost walked across America 3 times. Check back soon as Mitch has promised us his next pair.

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"I grieved at laying to rest my favorite shoes after ten years of faithful service. But alas their tongues were hanging out and their souls depleted. In my heart I know they had a good long life and served their purpose well. I despaired at buying new shoes but rejoiced when I discovered Funky Shoes. I promptly ordered a pair just like my old ones but with many years of service left to give. My feet are happy once again. I am happy. Thank you Funky Shoes"
            The Reverand
            Second Life Mission
            Seatle, WA
"I'm pretty serious. I think life is serious. So it makes sense to order serious Funky Shoes"
            Serious George
            Big Marsh, LA
"How can I thank you? Ever since I got my first pair of Funky Shoes my life has felt truly aligned. Wearing shoes that express my beliefs helps me bring my dichotomous life into a path of oneness"
            Sarah Harkin
            Bar Harbor, ME